7 Feb

Worldwide Chase Set For Cambridge In May


Have you ever had the dream where you are being chased but never find out who, or what, is after you? Now that dream can be broken by a chase for real if you enter the 2016 Wings for Life World Run on Sunday, May 8.

This global running event takes place simultaneously at 34 locations on six continents, with the British leg being held at Cambridge. Every event starts at 11am UTC (coordinated universal time). Clever use of technology means there is only one winner worldwide and every competitor is in the same race.

The chase continues until the last person is caught by the celebrity-driven ‘Catcher Car’ that travels at a pre-determined pace, starting 30 minutes after the runners. The car increases speed steadily from 15km/hr to 35km/hr, at which point no runner can stay ahead for too long. That said, the two-time global champion, Lemawork Ketema, was caught after 78 km in 2014 and 79.9km in 2015.

The Wings for Life World Run is the only race where the finish line catches you and represents something completely different from the usual endurance challenges out there. What’s more, every penny of the £40 entry fee goes to the race charity, Spinal Cord Research Foundation.

You have to be over 18 to compete and runners, walkers and wheelchairs are all welcome. Online registration closes at midnight on May 4 and full details are at the event website.