4 Nov

Accelerate Off Road Specialists With Inov-8

Inov-8 Off Road Logo

Accelerate has recently been confirmed as the Sheffield and Peak District Inov-8 Off Road Performance Centre. Inov-8 chose the Sheffield store for their expert running knowledge and experience running trails, fells and mountains. The company felt that the Accelerate staff had a fantastic knowledge of the Inov-8 brand and product range, especially their understanding of the brand's philosophy of natural running.

The Inov-8 Off Road Performance Centre has since been designed and launched at the Accelerate store in Sheffield. With a black backdrop and strong graphics, it has made an immediate impact in the store, within the trail running and mountain marathon section. Many visitors to the store have been pleasantly surprised at the size of the area dedicated to off road running performance.

Debbie Smith, co-owner of Accelerate, has had plenty of experience with off-road running. She has finished in the top 10 of the Tour du Mont Blanc, has been winner of the OMM, RAB and Saunders Mountain Marathons and was never off the podium in adventure racing in 2007. Debbie commented, "It is good news that Accelerate, working with Inov-8, can at long last offer off road runners in Sheffield and the Peak District a credible choice in footwear, clothing and equipment. The Inov-8 Off Road Running Centre extends our working relationship with Inov-8 and ensures we are offering a full range of products, with a choice of grip for terrain, underfoot protection for differing surfaces and weights for racing and training."

Accelerate will also be stocking the new range of Inov-8 Road X shoes which are due to be launched early next year. The range includes both training and racing shoes and will be both lightweight and neutral. The shoes will be inkeeping with the Inov-8 philosophy of a natural running motion, unhindered by footwear.

For Accelerate, this approach is not new, as they too have a belief that the structure so often found in running shoes can be unnecessary. That said, they also believe that a range of products for differing foot types is essential. Even those that require more structure in their shoes may benefit by using the new Inov-8 road shoes as part of their weekly training. Stuart Hale of Accelerate added, "Training with a more minimalist shoe will help some people's strength and as a result help them to avoid injury. It may not be the best choice for all runners, but it does widen the options open to runners and that has to be a good thing".