3 Oct

AlterG Arrives In Liverpool

Alter G

A specialist treadmill that can accelerate injury recovery using technology developed by NASA is now available to athletes and patients at the Perform gym in Liverpool. Perform, the physical recovery arm of Spire Healthcare, has installed the North West's first AlterG (anti-gravity) treadmill at the Spire Liverpool Hospital.

Using an innovation called 'underweighting' technology, this state of the art approachy looks to aid rehabilitation after injury or surgery. Popular with elite athletes - including Olympic bronze medallist Steph Twell - AlterG uses an air-pressure system developed to suspends the runner's weight, allowing them to run without putting their full weight through their lower limbs and joints.

In effect, this allows the athlete to be able to run sooner than they normally would be able to by reducing the foot to ground impact that is associated with running. It is capable of reducing the weight supported by the lower limbs by up to 80% and is already utilised by runners, rugby players and footballers.

The arrival of the AlterG means Liverpool's Perform is the first in the North West to offer use of the treadmill to the general public. For more information, go to the Spire Healthcare website.