25 Jan

ASICS Seeks FrontRunners

ASICS FrontRunnersASICS is once again seeking individuals to join their FrontRunner team, a project that, since being launched in 2010, has looked to encourage those who are passionate about the sport. Applications, which will remain open until Tuesday 31 January, are being sought from runners of all abilities. 

Successful candidates will be able to take advantage of a series of ASICS-related benefits to support their running, such as: free seasonal supply of ASICS running collection and footwear; free participation at selected ASICS events; advice from experts in the FrontRunner community; plus the opportunity to be featured in brand campaigns.

According to a description on the ASICS website, FrontRunners will include runners at all levels: “Our team is made up of a very diverse group of people and is something that we love about it. On the one hand we have professional runners, on the other hand we have those who just do it for the love of it.”

It adds: “All of them are proud to be an ASICS FrontRunner and it’s the combination of these attributes that makes the community strong, unbeatable and unique.”

The application form for the 2017 FrontRunner team is available here