7 Apr

ASICS Video Pays Tribute To Marathoners

We are Marathoners

With high profile events - Manchester, Paris and Brighton Marathons - held over this weekend, ASICS has a well-timed release of a YouTube video exploring the struggles, setbacks and determination of those who take part in the 26.2-mile race experience. The 90-second video highlights the various rituals and intricacies of what it’s like to be a marathon runner, and explores the lengths people go to in preparing for the gruelling challenge.

The video opens with a runner who has meticulously arranged her outfit the night before a marathon, and this is followed by shots of fellow participants as they prepare for race day with humorous anti-chaffing procedures and special shoe lace knots. It features a number of statements to describe the traits involved with being a marathoner; “We have our own fashion sense”, “we have our own knot” and “we run until we can’t walk”. Produced by 180 Amsterdam, the video is set to Cary Haun’s track ‘Make it to the Top’ and features footage from the 2013 Melbourne Marathon.
The print and film campaign 'We are Marathoners' is part of ASICS’ 2014 ‘Better Your Best’ global campaign.

Check out the video below: