8 Dec

Beer Mile Goes Official

Beer MileFirst introduced as a fun and light-hearting way of drinking while running, the beer mile gained its status as an official event on Wednesday. The Flotrack Beer Mile World Championships—an event Lance Armstrong had attempted, yet failed to qualify for—required participants to drink a beer every 400m lap.

Wednesday’s event, held in Austin, saw Corey Gallagher finish first yet just outside the five-mark, crossing the line in 5:00.23. Drinking Bud Light Platinum, Corey sank the first beer in 6.14 seconds, 10.07 for the second and regained his thirst to polish off the next two drinks in 8.32 and the last in 7.29.

Corey, who said the victory will stand as his major lifetime accomplishment, commented: “I wasn’t confident with my running. I was more confident with my drinking. Today it turned out running was my strong point.” 

In the women’s competition, Elizabeth Herndon, 29, set a new world record with her time of 6:17.76. Unlike her male counterpart, Elizabeth credited her running, rather than drinking, ability: “I think it was definitely the run more than the beer chugging. My (chugging) technique flew out the window. I didn’t breath enough to chug like I had practiced.”

Certain regulations were implemented to ensure the beer mile meets exacting standards. According to Runner’s World, contestants must adhere to the following: “Excessive spillage means disqualification; so does vomiting. Beer temperature is critical—too cold and it’s tough to chug, too warm and it gets frothy and unpleasant.”