31 Mar

Beijing Runner Creates Shoe-made Mask

Flyknit mask

With running in highly polluted cities a concern for many people, one man in China has come up with a solution using his shoes. Wang Zhijun of Beijing transformed his Nike Flyknit Racer running shoes into a mask.

The Beijing native is a creative director and designer at ZJ Design and, after narrowing the Nike Flyknit Racer to its bare components, realised the shoe's lightweight and breathable upper was ideal material for a mask to filter out air pollution. Wang was able to sew filtration mesh onto it to isolate the finer air pollutants. The Flyknit panels cover the face and neck, while the shoelace of the silhouette is used to tie the mask. Just a working prototype for now, Wang hopes one day to mass-produce a similar design.

To view pictures of the transformation from shoe to mask, go to Wang’s Instagram account.