23 Nov

Big News Expected From Run Geordie Run

Lego Run Geordie Run

As Mark Allison, aka Run Geordie Run, reached the halfway point of his Australian odyssey, he revealed some that he will be making a major announcement next week. Despite being plagued by injury, Mark is now heading north from Adelaide and is more determined than ever to complete his 2,600-mile challenge by Christmas Eve.

Mark tweeted yesterday: "I had a panic attack, laughed and cried at the 7 mile point today all in a 30 second period. More news on why on Monday! #bignews"

With the departure of physiotherapist and handler in chief, Jason Stobbs, Mark has this week been joined by his friend Carlton Fletcher. Carl celebrated Mark's achievement by tweeting a picture of a lego version of the Geordie runner: "Lego @rungeordierun was elated at reaching half way yesterday, but less happy with poor lego wifi signal."

Mark, who has been regularly tweeting about the challenge, took to Twitter this week to share how the obstacles he's faced have helped teach him about himself: "I'm far more aware of my own physical potential and limitation than I was for the run across the USA. Knowing what to do, when and how to do it is half the battle. Adapting to changing conditions and having a plan B is the other half."

For more tweets from Mark, you can visit his Twitter page. You can also stay up to date with his progress via the Drive Benfield Wordpress blog. . To donate to either the Children's Foundation or the Bobby Robson Foundation go to Mark's blog.