4 Jun

Full House At Blaydon

Blaydon RaceThe North East will welcome one of its favourite events on Tuesday (9 June) as the Blaydon Race celebrates its 35th year. Steeped in tradition, the 5.9 mile run has been organised by Blaydon Harriers since 1981 and has once again attracted a sell-out field with more than 4,200 runners expected to compete.  

As is customary, runners will begin the event with a recital of the1862 Blaydon Races Song, which opens with 'Aa went to Blaydon Races t'was on the Ninth of June'. The ritual singing of the song takes place at the start every year and the Hazel Rayson Dance Troupe perform the can-can at the start as well as travelling to the finish. 

The race starts from Balmbras in Newcastle heads down Collingwood Street and along the Scotswood Road past Armstrong’s factory, ending at Shibdon Road playing fields in Blaydon.

Throughout the years, the run has been home to a series of quick times: the 2014 event saw Peter Emase take first position in 26:34, with Boniface Kiprop second (26:48) and Nick Swinburn third (27:11). In the women’s competition, Run Fast duo Joanne Chelimo and Gladys Fator fought it out in a close contest, with Chelimo a fraction of a second ahead in 29:42.