21 May

Bridging The Gap At Hull

Hull 10k

Runners taking part in Sunday's Hull 10k were left to rue a traffic issue that caused the course to be a kilometre short. The diversion, caused by a bridge failure close to Hull Marina, was announced at the start line to a mixed reaction from the 3,000 competitors.

It seems that the necessity for redirecting the course only became apparent early on Sunday morning, with organisers managing to re-route rather than cancel the race. A statement by the Run For All team read: "While we offer our sincere apologies, we would also stress that today's circumstances were entirely beyond our control and every possible course of action was taken before the decision was made to divert the course."

First to finish was 17-year-old Dean Jerome, who completed the course in 29:48. Dean, who runs with Leeds City, said the delay at the beginning didn't cause him too many problems: "I was mentally and physically prepared for it but then had to wait about 15 minutes after warming up before starting the race. It wasn't too bad, though, and I enjoy the Hull race having run it in the past, there's a fantastic atmosphere and it's a good course."

Hull 10k

Second placed Andrew Norton, who finished in 30:06, also felt the organisers deserved credit for ensuring the race went ahead: "There's not a lot anyone could have done about the delay, these things happen, but at least we were told beforehand it would only be 9k."

In the women's field, Katie Meredith finished top in 32:38, followed by Cheryl Oakshott (35:02) and Claire Spencer (35:48).

As a conciliatory measure, organisers have offered a sizeable discount for next year's race. Anyone who took part on Sunday can register for £10, rather than the usual entry fee of up to £28. More information is available on the event website.


  1. Richard said...

    I was there doing the race as it was part of my 13 in thirteen challenge for the NSPCC. This is a challenge where I am running 13 x 10k races for the charity (1 each month + 1 extra and I have to PB at each race) This was supposed to be race No.6 but when they announced the route change on the start line I felt like the rug had been pulled from under my feet. While I can't blame the organizers those who new about the issue the day before should have told them. Not only did it cost me money in terms of hotel for the night and petrol it also meant I had to find another 10k before end of May or my challenge was over and I would lose over £1,300 of sponsorship. Thankfully I found a 10k in Southport on Bank Holiday Monday but it does now mean I have to race 2 10k races in 6 days (May's and June's) and PB at both of them. Next week is going to be tough!!!