21 Jan

British Military Fitness Launches Race Team

BMF race teamBritish Military Fitness has launched its own sponsored race team, made up of some of the leading athletes from across the country. The British Military Fitness Race Team includes seven obstacle course champions and will take part in events such as the OCR World Championships, as well as BMF’s own award winning obstacle course race, the Royal British Legion Major Series, held in Tunbridge Wells, Warwickshire, Leeds and Stirlingshire.

The team consists of David Hellard, whose race highlights include setting the course record for Man vs. Mountain, taking part in the first ever Afghan Marathon and winning the Eliminator Marathon alongside team mate Clare Miller who came second, setting male and female course records. Freya Martin is also in the team, having won the UK OCR Championships, the UK OCR league and coming seventh in the World OCR Championships.

David commented: “Obstacle course racing is one of the fastest growing mass participation sports in the world and we are all thrilled to be part of the new British Military Fitness Race Team. We are all highly competitive as individuals and have such a passion for racing. BMF sessions have helped us all to increase our agility and strength as the classes are so varied, with expert instructors who really know their stuff.

Another member of the team is James Appleton, who came second in the UK OCR Championships and won the World OCR Team Championships. Clare Miller, Ross McDonald, Adam Teszke and Thomas Blanc, who are all highly successful racers, make up the rest of the team.

BMF is seeking an extra three people to join the race team. For more information about British Military Fitness, visit the British Military Fitness website.