8 Jun

Brits Take On Death Valley Challenge

Jenkins BrothersTwo brothers from Penarth in Wales are hoping to set a world record for the fastest double crossing of California’s Death Valley on foot. The 292-mile run will see Scott (34) and Rhys Jenkins (27) run 11 marathons in 4 days next month in an average of 120 degrees fahrenheit.

The run will take the pair around 96 hours and is to raise funds for Save the Children and Operation Smile. If successful, they will be the first British duo to complete the Death Valley Double. They will also attempt to break the current unofficial record of 96 hours and 7 minutes held by Marshall Ulrich. 

The route follows that of the Badwater ultramarathon, famed by ultramarathonners Dean Karnazes and Scott Jurek, encompassing 135 miles from Badwater Basin to Mount Whitney Portal, starting at 282ft below sea level and finishing at an elevation of 8,360 ft above sea level. The ultra-endurance brothers will then turn around and complete the return leg back to Badwater Basin in extreme heat conditions, with sleep deprivation and difficult terrain to also add to the complexity of the challenge. 

For more information, visit the brothers’ website.