5 Jun

Brits Encouraged To Celebrate Running Day


Today sees runners across the Atlantic celebrate the fifth US National Running Day and with no UK equivalent, their British counterparts are being encouraged to join in with the celebrations. Millions of Americans will take to the streets, tracks and sidewalks of America to participate and the Running Day has some further suggestions on how to mark the occasion.

Tips include swapping post-work drinks for a run with colleagues, donating to organisations that use running to make a difference in people's lives (eg Achilles International), and encouraging family members to go running with you.

Ryan Lammpa, media director at Running USA - an organisation devoted to improving the status and experience of distance running and racing in the USA - said: "National Running Day is a wonderful way to bring people together to promote running and its many benefits. Running USA and its members encourage everybody to invite a friend or group to run on 5 June to celebrate the essence of running."

New York Road Runners CEO Mary Wittenberg echoed these sentiments while adding that many runners wanted to use the day to pay tribute to the Boston marathon victims: "This year, runners told us they wanted to use National Running Day as a way to show support for the victims of the Boston bombings, so we've made special ribbons and bibs for events across the country. Runners can also donate to the One Fund Boston through the National Running Day website."

For more information visit the Running Day website