21 May

Tony Is Buoyant On The Blackstuff

Tony PeacockTony Peacock’s Buoyant on the Blackstuff (Me, Marathons, Maggie and Merseyside; 1982-1992) traces his running career - and more especially his marathon obsession in the 1980s - in the north west and beyond.  

This memoir is set against a historiographic backdrop, with Peacock interweaving his tale around the cultural and political changes of the era. The location is predominantly in the north yet its cultural emphasis places running in a wider context of cultural figures, including the Beatles, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and Maggie Thatcher.

Tony, now 63, told northernrunningguide.com: “Buoyant on the Blackstuff takes a light hearted look at my running obsession and the growth of my family while reflecting more seriously on contemporary events. I am a veteran runner and was a marathon addict in the 1980s (the race not the chocolate bar), and I wanted to relate my experience into an engaging tale.”

Since being released at the turn of the year, the self-published title has received favourable reviews, with one reader commenting: 'A heartening and funny account of one man and his (extending) family, based around his progress to the peaks of amateur running mainly set in Liverpool, cleverly woven in with the political and social history of the time.’

Buoyant on the Blackstuff is available on Amazon for just £1.99 on Kindle or £8.99 paperback.