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  • Jane tests the Salomon Supercross GTX

    17 Oct 2019

    runABC's Jane tests the Salomon Supercross GTX

  • Oh Dear Doha

    7 Oct 2019

    Athletics standing as a sport to inspire the young generation took a downward decent at the Doha World Championships says Chris Broadbent

  • Running for better mental health

    26 Sep 2019

    With World Mental Health Day approaching next month, Chris Broadbent considers the wider benefits of running.

  • In a bad mood – go for a run with your dog

    18 Sep 2019

    Research has shown that exercising with a dog can enhance the energising effects of exercise

  • A Weighty Matter

    12 Sep 2019

    Weight can be a taboo subject at the best of times, Chris Broadbent discusses the issue for runners of all standards.

  • Limassol Marathon now a World Marathon Majors age group ranking event

    5 Sep 2019

    Limassol Marathon will be part of the World Marathon Majors age group championships in 2021.

  • Climate emergency & the world of running

    27 Aug 2019

    As event organisers seek alternatives to plastic bottles, the wider industry is also looking for more sustainable solutions, particularly kit makers.

  • Parkrunning around

    22 Aug 2019

    runABC takes a personal vew of the parkrun experience

  • Why Run It? Because it's there!

    15 Aug 2019

    As the John O'Groats - Land's End record is broken, it fires the imagination and offers us more inspiration to rethink our running goals.

  • The Pilgrim's Progress

    8 Aug 2019

    runABC's Christine Appel talks to Mark Calder who is running to draw attention to the plight of Iraqi Christians

  • Coves, crabs & coast paths in Cornwall

    1 Aug 2019

    Chris Broadbent finds fresh running motivation from a vacation in Cornwall

  • The Science of Sprint Finishes

    18 Jul 2019

    The sprint finish is something every runner has in their armoury, even at the end of a gruelling run. Chris Broadbent explains why.

  • From punchline to finish line

    11 Jul 2019

    Regular contributor Christine Appel tells how she managed to see the funny side despite missing out on glory

  • Which Non-Runners Run The Most?

    5 Jul 2019

    In the midst of the sporting summer, Chris Broadbent considers which sportspeople outside of running actually run the most.

  • That Alpine Addiction

    26 Jun 2019

    Sports Tours International staffer Ross is a Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc veteran. How would the renowned ultra's little brother compare?

  • Those Summer Nights

    21 Jun 2019

    On the Summer Solstice, Chris Broadbent embraces the arrival of evening races which pepper the season's calendar

  • Sunny days & training plans

    12 Jun 2019

    Give your marathon prep a boost with a Club La Santa training camp

  • When You Assume...

    6 Jun 2019

    Are there lessons from Anthony Joshua's defeat for runners? Can assuming your fitness leave you vulnerable?

  • Training around the world

    27 May 2019

    runABC's travel partner Sports Tours International offers great packages to leading sport and fitness resorts around the world.

  • Pace & lactate, man!

    23 May 2019

    With Chris Evans' RunFestRun set to launch, Chris Broadbent looks at the running festival scene and wonders if it will be a summer smash?