15 Apr

Chase The World With Coulthard

Wings for LifeA series of high-profile names, including David Coulthard and US off-road truck champion Ricky Johnson have committed to being part of the 35 Catcher Car drives that will chase competitors in the Wings for Life World Run. The event, which will take place at the home of British motorsport racing, Silverstone, is scheduled for Sunday 3 May. 

The global charity phenomenon takes place across 35 worldwide locations and has already drawn in 60,000 participants. Joining Coulthard and Johnson will be joined by the likes of Australian Formula One drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Mark Webber, German marathon champion Sabrina Mockenhaupt and French World Cup downhiller Luc Alphand.

Each event starts at exactly the same time and sees participants set off together; 30 minutes later, the chaser car departs and gradually catches up with runners. Driving slowly first but increasing its speed at given periods in time, the "Catcher Car" is the moving finish line. It will pass the athletes, registering their digital chips on its way to the leaders. The last athlete to be caught worldwide is the global champion

Coulthard, a veteran of over 240 Formula One races, commented: “I spent my life putting the pedal to the metal, and here I am at Silverstone driving at a dizzying 15 km/h. But the best part about my race day is that I know I will eventually overtake my former team mate Mark Webber, who is running at Silverstone.”

Last year, rally driver Franz Wittmann was the last man driving when he caught the first ever Global Champion, Ethiopian Lemawork Ketema, after an astonishing five hours and 78 kilometres at the run in Donautal, Lower Austria.

PUMA will be the exclusive official sportswear partner for the Wings for Life World Run, providing running product to event staff and marketing support to broaden awareness to the charitable initiative.

Registration closes on 28 April; entry details are available here