14 May

Chester On Course For Another Showcase

Chester HalfWith a sell-out confirmed for Sunday’s race, the city of Chester is expecting tens of thousands of extra visitors to create a lively and unique occasion for its half marathon. As the event is likely to draw the biggest crowds of the year (an estimated 70,000 attended in 2014) organisers are calling on runners and visitors to arrive early in order to find the best viewing locations and avoid any traffic or temporary road restrictions.

Sunday will see the Chester Half Marathon celebrate its 34th year, with runners setting off from Chester Racecourse and finishing in the city centre outside of Chester Town Hall. The race has witnessed a surge in popularity recently and was named as one of the UK’s 50 Best Races, with Chester being recognised for the quality of its route, the variety of scenery and its excellent support.

On preparations for the race, Andy White from organisers Active Leisure Events comments: “Although the race itself begins at 9am on Sunday, we’ll be busy overnight on Saturday and through the early hours of Sunday morning getting everything ready to put on another world-class race day that will showcase our city to thousands of runners and visitors from across the country.

“It is a marathon effort by many – pun intended! – but we couldn’t do this without the understanding of our local communities along the race day route, plus the organisation and support of our amazing team, our volunteers, our sponsors and our race partners.” 

Details of the route, including important race times and road closures, plus a range of other useful race day information is available here


  1. Jerry said...

    Not wanting to be a spoil sport but......... I ran the Chester Half M at weekend and need to comment / pass on some feedback which needs to be considered next year if there are as many entrants.
    1) On the country lanes there was no room to pass slower runners, especially if the slower runners were running in 2's or 3's and running side by side. Not a problem for me but there were quite a few impolite exchanges as people tried to get past and had to push past people.
    2) When you were running upto the drinking station at (6 miles??) where the quicker runners were running back past you, the road was again too narrow to accommodate all the runners so a few people ended up on the floor.
    Please pass on my comments as they are meant to be helpful. If you don't tell the problems then they won't be able to fix them.