11 Dec

Money Chasers

Running Buddies in ChinaFor many, this might just be the perfect job: getting paid for going on a run. A recent campaign in China has seen people advertise themselves as jogging buddies to accompany others on their daily run.

Jogging buddies can place their ads online to generate interest from those seeking a companion. The average rate is said to be around 15-20 yuan per hour around £1.55 - £2.10. According to a Global Times article in October, there has been a massive upsurge in college students who have taken up the job, primarily helping professionals get in shape.

Running coach Wang Xiaogang, commenting in the Want China Times, said there has been an increasing demand for such companions: "Being a jogging buddy is an established trade in some foreign countries, with 20 to 30 years of history, and provides a steady livelihood for many people.

“Many jogging companions lack professional knowledge about the sport and there are only some 20 local jogging coaches with international certification in the nation."