29 Nov

Christmas Stocking Fillers For Runners

As December approaches, its pretty much time - even for the more laid-back amongst us - to start thinking about Christmas presents. We've tried to make things a little easier for you by listing some suggested 'stocking fillers' for the runners in your life. Alternatively, if you are the runner, leave the webpage open as a not-so-subtle hint to your beloved.

What We Liked ...

Gel Carrier

Hilly Phone / Gel Carrier- In addition to having the safety (and entertainment) of having your phone with you on the run, this carrier has enough space for gels to keep your energy levels propped up. Ideal for those solitary Sunday long runs where you can go at a leisurely pace with music and enough sustenance to keep you going. Available at Up & Running for £15.

Sno 'n' Go Ice Grippers - An invaluable piece of equipment that should in every runners wardrobe. With special non-slip studs giving excellent traction on ice and snow, these grippers will allow you to run whatever the weather. What's more, they will last through many a winter season to come. Available at the Runners Centre for £12.99.

Pro Tec Orb

Pro-Tec Orb - The massage ball marries perfectly with the foam roller and is another way in which you can use your body weight to provide a deep-tissue massage. Especially useful on IT band, hamstrings and quads -- it may be painful, but the recipient will thank you for it in the end. Available at Humber Runner for £15.99.

Compeed Blister Kit - Blisters can be the bane of any runners life and have prematurely ended many a race. This plaster is designed to not offer effective protection, but treatment by absorbing moisture from the skin and forming a cushion to provide optimum healing conditions. Available at Up and Running for £5

Ronhill Aspiration LS T-shirt - (One for the girls) - Moving out of winter and into spring, this high wicking long sleeved tee will keep you cool and fresh on long runs. Flat locked seams keep you comfortable and the mesh panels provide extra ventilation just where you need it. This is probably more of a 'main present' than a stocking filler, but one that will certainly be appreciated by the female runner in your life. Availalble at gearforgirls for £21.95

Ron Hill

Ronhill Trail Long Sleeve - (One for the boys) - Again, maybe not a stocking filler as such but a fantastic product. This long sleeve zipped tee has some great features, including a back security pocket for gels or MP3 player, elasticated loop for headphones and powermesh stretch pockets for gloves and hats. One for all seasons, its lightweight, breathable and will be a guaranteed winner this Christmas. Available at Northern Runner for £31.50

All prices quoted are indicative of online price - these may vary in-store.