30 Aug

Club Call For London

Virgin London MarathonClubs affiliated with the Home Country governing bodies - England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Welsh Athletics and the Northern Ireland Athletics Federation - will once again be allocated a limited number of places for Virgin London Marathon. 

This means that if your ballot entry was unsuccessful, not unlikely with the rising number of applications each year, you have a second chance via your club membership. 

The number of places allocated for each club is based on the number of athletes aged 18 or over that the club has registered with their governing body, and are allocated as follows: 1-50 members (1 place), 51-100  (2 places), 101-200  (3 places) 201-300 (4 places), 301 plus (5 places).

In addition to membership applications, clubs can also take advantage of any runners capable of setting qualifying performance times. These are defined as: men, sub 2:45 for marathon or 1:15 for half; women, sub 3:15 or sub 1:30. To be valid, these times must have been achieved after 1 January 2014.

For more information on both the club and championship places, visit the Virgin London Marathon website