5 Dec

Deer Season Beckons

DeerstalkerBilled as the toughest off-road run in the UK , The Mighty Deerstalker is back for its 9th year on 14 March 2015.  The event, organised by adventure sports company Rat Race, will see over 3,500 pushed to their physical limits at the beautiful Tweed Valley in the Borders.

Starting and finishing at the historic Traquair House - Scotland’s oldest inhabited house – the course features a mixture of steep ascents, water crossings, forest trails and various natural and man-made obstacles including the'The Rack', 'The Scree' and 'The Tunnel'.

You can enter as an individual or as a team for either the 5K Deerstalker or the 10K Mighty Deerstalker course.  The 5K Deerstalker race is completed in daylight and is designed for competitors who are new to off-road running.

For competitors who are looking for a tougher challenge, the 10 Deerstalker is further, higher, steeper, wetter and wilder. It offers all of the challenges of the 5k race, but instead of competitors stopping when they reach the finish line at Traquair House, they complete the second half in darkness with only a head-torch to light the way. The courses are in fact, a closely guarded secret and certainly much longer than the advertised 5k and 10k distances, adding to the notoriety of this devilishly tricky event.

Once the race is over, there’s one more obstacle to tackle: The Mighty Beerstalker party where there’s food, drink, live music and, as well prize-giving for victorious runners.

Jim Mee, Rat Race MD and creator of the Mighty Deerstalker said of the upcoming event: “In a world where obstacle-heavy events dominate, The Mighty Deerstalker goes back to the basics and uses Mother Nature to deliver the challenge, as competitors not only have to deal with a gruelling course in the wilds of the Scottish winter, but they also must do so in complete darkness.”
He added: “Now in its 9th year the Mighty Deerstalker is one of our most established and popular events. There is a fantastic atmosphere on the run as plenty of competitors are dressed in tartan and tweed and are always very eager to get to the Mighty Beerstalker tent!”

Entry to the 2015 event is open until capacity is reached and costs from £50 per person or from £45 for a team of five for the 10k race, and from £40 per person or £35 for a team of five for the 5k race. 

To enter online and visit the Rat Race website