27 Dec

Dead On Your Feet

Death MarchA new US event, Death March on Clarks Creek, will see many people start the race, but only one finish it. Runners at the event in Halletsville, Texas won’t have perished from exhaustion (as the title might suggest), it’s part of the race format.

The race features an out and back course of 4.16666 miles and requires runners to run one loop every hour, on the hour. Those who fail to do this will be eliminated from the race until there is only one runner left. The last runner then has to complete one more full loop to be declared the winner.

Organiser John T. Sharp spoke about his inspiration for the event: “This Last Man Standing format is inspired/created by none other than Lazarus Lake. After competing twice in his event Big's Backyard Ultra, I want to bring this format to more runners. In the true spirit of Laz's original idea, there will only be two options. There can either be a single winner, or no winner at all. There will be no max number of hours to cutoff. There will be no tie-breakers.  The race will continue until everyone quits, save one runner.”   

For more information visit the event website.