19 Mar

Deer! Deer!

participants at the Mighty Deerstalker

One of Britain's toughest off road runs took place at Innerleithen on Saturday (15 March).  3,500 hardy participants dressed from head to toe in tweed and tartan faced the challenges of the Mighty Deerstalker and were pushed to their physical limits in the beautiful setting of the Tweed Valley in the Scottish borders late on Saturday night.

The course which starts and finishes at the historic Traquair House (Scotland’s oldest inhabited house), featured a mixture of steep ascents, water crossings, forest trails and various natural and man-made obstacles including The Rack, The Scree and The Tunnel.

Participants either as an individual or as a team could choose between the 5K Deerstalker or the 10K Mighty Deerstalker course.  The 5K Deerstalker race, designed for those competitors new to off-road running, was completed in daylight.

For those who wanted to push their body to the limit, the 10K Mighty Deerstalker was further, higher, steeper, wetter and wilder. It offered all of the challenges of the 5k race, but instead of competitors stopping when they reached the finish line at Traquair House, they continued on the longer version in darkness with only a head-torch to light the way.

The Mighty Deerstalker is Rat Race’s first event of 2014. 17 further adventure races are scheduled by Rat Race for 2014.

To enter future Rat Race events please visit the series website.