26 Sep

Rob Griffiths speaks openly as English Half Marathon 2019 is cancelled

English Half Marathon

There will be no English Half Marathon and 10K going ahead this year, it has been confirmed. The news comes after the postponement of the event, just over one week ago, and arrived via a heartfelt statement from organiser Rob Griffiths.

The EHM team were forced to postpone the event in the days leading up to race day on Sunday 15 September. It has seemed that a re-scheduling might have been on the cards with organisers looking to see whether a new date in 2019 was feasible.

In a recent Facebook post, however, Rob confirmed its cancellation, and revealed more as to the reasons why: “I am truly devastated that we have had to postpone the event in the first instance and now outright cancel the event. This is despite the best efforts from our local stakeholders and Warrington Borough Council, who I must say have been very supportive of me and the event of the last few weeks.

“Not many people know that the event was actually owned by an American company based out of Denver in 2017 and 2018. Myself and the team were retained to deliver the event. That relationship broke down prior to the 2018 event and it was clear that they did not see the event as part of their global portfolio of events, however I had the opportunity to take back the event which I did from November of last year.

“This event has never been a big money earner for anyone, it has always been subsidised by other parts of our business. Entry fees alone have never been able to cover the cost of delivering the event but that has always been managed as part of a bigger business.

“With this in mind, I was looking to secure a bridging solution so that we could deliver this year’s event and then move it over to a new operator who would lead the event into 2020 and beyond. This is a largely standard business practice and one that we have done before. However this fell through quite late on.”

It is clear that this process has taken its toll on Rob, who had admitted that he had put the race ahead of his children, partner and family and had seen him battle depression too. You can read a full transcript of his statement here.