8 Mar

Fat Bloke Getting Fitter

Jonathan MidwoodUp and Running’s Jonathan Midwood continues with his ‘Fat Bloke Gets Fit’ challenge which will see him tackle the Humber Bridge Half Marathon (his first run in 12 years)  to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research as part of their Life Choices Life Changes campaign. The 43-year-old updated us on his progress.

From a ‘sluggish’ start I have managed to get into a good rhythm of regular 3-4 mile runs (3-4 times a week).  I know that doesn’t perhaps sound much but when you consider I was a stone heavier than I would like to be, I feel that 3-4 miles would give me a good foundation and would protect my back in the process.    
From a starting point of zero though I have found the going tough, but very rewarding.  It’s been hard work in that my mind and body work independently of each other.  The body is as it is today, yes I know a perfectly formed physique for a 43-year-old (not!), acts as if it’s been dormant for years.  My mind however has the power of time travel and as such finds itself transported back in time to 15-20 years ago.  A time of speed, fluidity, natural flow and sporting achievement.  The mind is ever so willing, yet the body is as stubborn as a mule.  It’s like having two people sat in a boat facing each other whilst rowing with all their might in opposite directions.  Oh and they are rowing through treacle.  
Over the last few weeks though the body is slowly pulling itself together and the mind is being more flexible.  In fact they are starting to accept each other. As a result of this new found familiarity I am going for the same distances but the running is becoming easier and when I need to I can actually pick the pace up.  Perhaps more pleasing to all of this however is the fact that I have lost 7lbs and I feel, and others have commented that I look better for it.  I am therefore half way to achieving goal one; 1 stone + in weight loss.  
To support Jonathan, visit his Just Giving page.