30 Mar

Smiley Miles

plaque at Iffley Road commerating Roger Bannister's first four minute mile

Local women's running group Smiley Paces has teamed up with Sheffield Hallam University to organise a special event - A Festival of Miles - celebrating the 60th anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile. The group is staging a series of mile races on the anniversary night of 6 May at Sheffield Hallam University Stadium (Woodbourn Road), from 7.00 pm.

Races will be organised into appropriate categories depending on runner's anticipated times including sub 5, sub 6 and sub 7 minute (and so on). Organisers are hoping to attract a range of participants from fast club runners to beginners and school kids. For this special occasion all runners will receive a commemorative mug.

In keeping with the spirit of Bannister's 1954 run, there will be official timekeepers recording by hand, but no electronic timing.

Organisers are also including a 'How far can you run in 4 minutes' opportunity. For those who don’t want to enter a formal race, you can run or walk and see how far you can go in four minutes? All participants will start on the track together and stop when the second gun fires after 4 minutes. Markers around the track will show how far you’ve gone and you will receive a certificate to record your achievement
Find out more about the event at the Festival of Miles website.