8 Jun

Free Running Comes North

Free-running heads to the north

Adventure enthusiasts and fans of extreme sports in the north of England will welcome news that free-running , a derivative of parkour, will be hosting a series of open-air shows this summer. Offering something a little different to a regular 10k run organised by the local club, free-running is said to be a combination of running, vaulting, balancing, rolling and jumping around obstacles in urban environments.

The freerunning@ show will be set to a soundtrack of classic and contemporary music, and will see the participants act out a scripted performance. The open-air shows are said to encourage audience participation, with workshops for those interested in learning more about the sport.

Producer Susannah Daley commented: "Free-running is one of the most exciting extreme sports around at the moment - it's being promoted as an extreme sport by the Mayor of London. These athletes are remarkable and audiences of all ages will be able to enjoy their agility, strength and athleticism in fantastic settings."

The event will showcase at the Grassington Festival in North Yorkshire on Saturday, June 23. There are also performances at Liverpool, Worcestershire, Norfolk, Dorset, Tyne & Wear, Yorkshire, and Nottinghamshire. For more information, visit the freerunning@ website.