28 Jun

Helen Says Phone A Friend

Helen Clitheroe

Bupa Great Manchester Run heroine Helen Clitheroe is advising new runners to find a partner to join them on their runs. Helen says that running with clubmates at Preston Harriers is an enjoyable part of her training although she does many of her sessions solo. Helen also confided that the part of her training she enjoys the most is track sessions, especially speed work.

Helen has hit the headlines this year firstly for winning gold in the 3000m event at the European Indoor Athletics Championships and then for triumphing at the 10k Bupa Great Manchester Run. In an interview at greatrun.org the Lancashire lass talks about her running hero, what she likes about mass participation events and how she was first inspired to run.

Her top tip for new runners is 'phone a friend'. Helen says: "It's good to find a running partner to give you that extra bit of support and motivation to keep you going. If you are training on your own all the time, it's quite easy to lose focus and lose sight of your objectives. It's also easier to make excuses without someone else there."

Check out the full interview at the Great Run website.