31 Jul

Hull Marathon Makes New Moves For 2017

RB Hull Marathon

Preparations for the RB Hull Marathon are gathering pace with confirmation of both a modified route for 2017 and a new feature at mile 24 of the race that will present a unique challenge for all those competing on Sunday 24 September.    

The innovative new challenge will be a serious test of endurance (and speed) with runners timed over 100 metres within mile 24 of the course. At this point, they will be at Costello Athletics Stadium and as they head down the back straight they will be timed over 100 metres. 

The KCOM Ultra Fast 100 will be for marathon runners only but there is no obligation to sprint. Runners can continue at their chosen marathon pace if they wish and whatever their pace they will be supported and encouraged by Race Angels from Fitmums & Friends. To make it a fair challenge, the winning times will be calculated as a ratio between their time for 100 metres and their marathon finishing time.

Race Director Lucas Meagor explained: “Runners can see how fast they can go during a part of the marathon usually associated with being one of the worst miles and it'll take their mind off the marathon – briefly! I believe this to be a unique and different feature for the RB Hull Marathon and it will give runners an additional challenge.”

Looking ahead to this year’s race, runners can expect a revised route that incorporates many of the city’s most iconic landmarks such as the historic Old Town including Hull Minster, the maritime heritage of the docks, the Humber Bridge and a rousing finish inside the KCOM Stadium.

You can view a video of the 2017 route here