25 Nov

Illuminate 2014 With Lightning Run

Conti Lightning Run

Entries are now being accepted for the 2014 Conti Lightning Run, a 12 hour off-road relay race set against the clock, over a 10km course. The challenging cross-country relay race takes place on Sunday 4 May at Catton Park, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire.

The Conti Lightning Run can be tackled solo, in pairs or in a team of five, with competitors required to carry on running for the full 12 hours. The cross-country circuit is said to be challenging, with twists and turns across varied terrain. Competitors must cover one 10k lap each before passing the baton to a fellow team member. The team who accumulates the most laps over the course of 12 hours will win.

Race organisers Continental, one of the leading tyre manufactures, have been working with adidas to develop technology to improve the traction on trainers. By using rubber compounds, the trainers are designed to give runners better grip and are seen as the perfect match for off-road racing. Conti shod adidas trainers have been proven to offer enhanced performance on diverse surfaces, including rock, wood, mud, and will be used by runners for an additional edge in this gruelling race.

This 2014 event, which has an entry limit of 700 runners, is priced at £48 for solo competitors, £75 for pairs and £180 for a team of 5. Registration is now being accepted and can be done online at the event website.