16 Nov

Injury Threatens Run Geordie Oz Run

Mark Allison

Mark Allison, aka Run Geordie Run, has broken the 1000 mile point as he continues his 2,600-mile challenge across Australia. There were fears Mark would have to pull out of the challenge earlier this week as he was suffering from severe pain in his right foot and experiencing nausea from the painkillers he was taking.

Mark told Real Radio North East: "My headline sponsor, Benfield's motto is 'enjoy the journey'. If that was one end of the spectrum, well I'm at the other end of that spectrum.

"I think I've done myself some damage. My right little toe seems to be becoming deformed and the major pain is on the underside of my right foot. It's just so difficult to cope with. It's been like this for two weeks and is getting progressively worse. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm just human at the end of the day."

Mark has, however, decided to continue and is currently tackling the Nullarbor Plain. A recent tweet was in a more positive vein: "Right foot has dried out a bit overnight. Hopefully this is the start of the recovery."

You can stay up to date with Mark's progress visit Soundcloud to listen go the various audio clips he has uploaded. To donate to either the Children's Foundation or the Bobby Robson Foundation go to Mark's blog.