18 Feb

Jane Tomlinson’s Legacy Soars

Jane TomlinsonThe family of the late Jane Tomlinson CBE have announced that the charity that was set up to sustain her fundraising legacy has reached an incredible £7.6 million. Prior to her death in 2007, Jane raised a total of £1.8 million through a series of endurance challenges, which included Rome to Home, running the New York Marathon, completing the Florida Ironman and finally the ‘Ride Across America.’

The fundraising project began in 2007 with the Leeds 10K, the first event in what is now known as the Run For All Series. Since then, the Run For All portfolio has expanded impressively and includes the York 10K, Hull 10K and the Yorkshire Half Marathon. The money raised has helped scores of charities from children’s hospices, cancer-related causes and hospitals.

Jane's daughter, SuzanneJane’s eldest daughter Suzanne said: “I think it’s just amazing that we’ve reached this figure in such a short space of time. It’s a huge amount that it is possible to do so much with. We can help so many people who need support, whether that’s dealing with an illness, a family member who is not well, or someone going through a bereavement.”

“I think I’m most astonished at everyone’s support. It’s not been us that has raised this money – it’s been all the people who have participated in the events, given donations, everyone who works for the charity, everyone who volunteers; it’s those people who have done it. The goodwill and the kindness of people will never fail to amaze me. I don’t think any of the family thought we would be here, having raised over £7m.”

Suzanne added: “We owe such a big thank you to everyone who has helped over the years – we are just so appreciative of everything everyone has done. It’s been really hard at times, but it’s because of those people that we have carried on.”