1 Sep

Let Your Worries Run Free In Salford

The City of Salford 10K 2009 gets underway

Sunday will see the CEO and service manager of Anxiety UK line up with runners from all over the north of England, to take on the JD City of Salford 10K. The race will be an extra special challenge for CEO Nicky Lidbetter, as she suffers from agoraphobia, a fear connected to situations such as leaving home or being in crowds and public places. She hopes to make it through the 10K route with the help of her colleague, Cat O'Neill.

Nicky has lived with agoraphobia for 20 years, and at one point even found it difficult to leave the house. Nicky said; "There were many times that I struggled to get out and even now I find that when I spend prolonged periods of time in the house there is always a tendency for my agoraphobia to return."

Running has become a significant factor in Nicky's recovery and controlling her anxiety. Nicky added, "Running has provided a great opportunity for me to manage my anxiety as not only does it enable me to burn off the adrenaline that anxiety creates but it has also promoted my physical wellbeing. The Salford 10k has given us a fantastic reason to raise money for Anxiety UK alongside promoting the positive benefits of running, and raise awareness of anxiety disorders in the wider community."

The City of Salford 10K is a race for all abilities and organisers are looking forward to making this year's event even bigger and better than last year's. For further information on the JD City of Salford 10K, please visit the Sports Tours International website.