21 Jun

Marathon Man Faces Cheating Accusations

Rob YoungRob Young, who is currently attempting a world record for the fastest crossing of America on foot, has been accused of cheating by some in the running community. The 33-year-old is on day 39 of his challenge after starting from Huntington Beach, California on 14 May.

An online forum called ‘Robert Young’s Fake Run Across America’ appeared, calling into question whether he had run the distance himself or used his support vehicle for sections of the route.

Rob attempted to address these allegations, saying: “The only time I have ridden in the van is when I have stopped for the day and turned the GPS off and we have gone ahead in the RV [motorhome] to get some food; we then come back to that point when I start again. At no point, apart from those sorts of times, have I ridden in the van or will I ride in the van.”

He isn’t the first runner to have doubts cast over their efforts. Mark Vaz has recently been accused of fraudulently claiming a world record for his run from Lands End to John O’ Groats.