6 Jan

Middlesbrough Parkrun Record!

Have you ever wondered at what age you will still be running at? How long will those knees or hips last with the ongoing pounding of the streets? Well a certain 'Kris Kringle', the oldest recorded competitor to run in the parkrun series, at the fine age of 100 years old! Smashed the age grade barrier on the 19th December 2009 at the Middlesbrough event. But who was this Kris ringle?!...

santa run

Kris Kringle recorded a performance of 261.06% in the 5km race around Albert Park in Middlesbrough. With a run time of 26.27minutes he clearly leads the way based on the age grade system. But with this mysterious one off appearance and the timing of the run (19th December), a few heads were turned and the rumours that Father Christmas had been putting in some extra training for this years present delivery schedule seemed to be true! So was this really Father Christmas at the Middesbrough Parkrun?! ... I am sorry to say ... No it wasnt, it was the race orgniser's idea for the christmas parkrun. The run itself had a christmas theme of fancy dress and prizes were available for the two runners who finished either side of the dressed up runner named 'Kris Kringle', as everyone was in fancy dress, this is harder than you think! Tony Gallilee and Daniel Hayton were the lucky two runners to win the prizes.

Regarding the 'real' age grade records at present, Shireley Gibson of Darlington AC is currently in second place with a 5km run time of 21.54minutes and an age grading of 90.87%

So untill next year it looks like 'Kris Kringle' will be the ParkRun age grade record holer. We will have to wait and see if he makes another outing next year and maybe he might show up in one of the summer races?! Full reports from each weekly parkrun can be found on the official parkrun website and remember, if you fancy trying a parkrun event out, you just need to register your name by 6pm on the Friday before and turn up on the Saturday ready to run, entry is free!