13 Jul

Mizuno Throws Down North-South Gauntlet

getting set for the Mizuno North-South Challenge

Manchester United v Arsenal, the Yorkshire Dales v the Cotswolds, Lancashire hotpot v Cornish pasty. North or South, it’s always been one or the other and now is your chance to really embrace your regional loyalty.

If you're a runner and a committed Northerner or a partisan Southerner then the new virtual challenge from Mizuno is right up your street. Top shoe and apparel brand Mizuno has launched the North-South Challenge and is inviting runners from across the country to represent their region with passion.

Mizuno Head of Sport UK Rob Henderson is excited about the new concept scheduled for 23/24 September: "We're inviting runners to pledge their allegiance to North or South and then start clocking up the training sessions in preparation for the 10-mile virtual race weekend.

“The challenge is about commitment rather than just speed so the number of runners, training sessions and miles that are logged all count as points for each team. All training sessions can be recorded on Strava via their app or any connected GPS device and the team with the most points gets the bragging rights after the final challenge weekend. Each week the scoreboard will be updated, so we’re expecting some fantastic week by week fun competition’.
runABC asked Rob why a 10-mile distance? And why September? "10 miles is a traditional distance fitting for this great clash! We also want to encourage the hundreds of thousands who run the classic 10k distance to step up a level and complete the next big threshold on the running spectrum. Our event would also be ideal as a full-on training run for those taking part in mid-autumn half marathons.
"Since 10 miles is a distance that requires respect we want to give participants the chance to prepare and what better time of year than late summer into early autumn? Runners have a chance to extend their training, maybe after a spring 10k, during what will be some hopefully decent weather.
"We want to encourage good prep for the Mizuno North-South Challenge so we have teamed up with Mbition, the adaptive training plan. It creates a personal training plan for each runner built around their exercise history, available time and target event. Mbition impressed us with the way it adapts weekly to each user’s progress and we think it will be a valuable tool for Mizuno North-South Challenge participants to train and log their sessions.”
Rob Henderson summed up what the new event was all about: “Having fun, getting fitter and testing yourself in a relaxed environment. Run on your own or with a buddy or in a group and be part of something new and exciting. The challenge is open to anyone regardless of place of residence. This is about a sense of identity.”

Find full details of the Mizuno North-South Challenge at the Mbition website.

Mizuno North-South Challenge

How do I get involved?

  • Choose your team – North or South    
  • Sign up online at the Mbition website
  • Plan your route ahead of the challenge weekend
  • Get race ready
  • Run 10 miles on 23 or 24 September
  • Upload run details to Strava
  • Message your friends in Leeds or London and claim victory