25 Jun

Organisers Of Sheffield Half Step Down

Sheffield Half Marathon 2014Organisers of the Sheffield Marathon have confirmed they are standing down from the running of the race. The event hit the headlines earlier this year when the race was cancelled due to a water delivery failing to arrive. Over 4,000 runners are said to have carried on despite the announcement, many of whom were unaware the event had been cancelled.

The lack of adequate water supplies meant health and safety officers were unwilling for the half marathon to go ahead. Police officers initially hoped to stop the race through roadblocks but later decided it constituted a lower risk to allow runners to continue. 

While the cancellation was made over loudspeakers at the start line, many runners said they were unable to hear the announcement, with many continuing and receiving support, plus water donations, from locals.

Sheffield Marathon Limited, the not-for-profit organisation that has staged the race for over 30 years, revealed the current organisers wouldn’t be involved in the planning of future events.  Robert Jackson, chairman of Sheffield Marathon Ltd, said: “None of us wanted this to happen or for it to end like this. The last few weeks have been some of the worst of our lives.

“For the last 30 years we have given up our time to put on this race, for no other reason than to benefit others, but now we feel it is time to step aside and let someone else take the strain. Whatever the future holds, we hope Sheffield people will come together to rebuild and stage a road race the city deserves, one which continues to support local good causes.”

The statement suggests the event will continue but with a new team of organisers.