30 Nov

Teen Accidentally Completes Marathon

Evan MegoulasAn American teenager accidentally completed his first full marathon after missing a turn-off during a half marathon. Evan Megoulas of Pennyslvania was running the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sunday 22 November when the incident occurred.

His family started to worry after Evan failed to appear at the half marathon finish line. After giving the police a photo of him, officers were able to track the teenager down in the Manayunk section of the city. Evan reportedly felt good despite missing his turn and wanted to keep running.
In a Facebook post, his brother Peter said: “I really can’t explain how the kid does it. He is a natural runner. He was so in the zone. He didn’t know the area, I think he would have caught it if it was local, but he isn’t familiar with Philadelphia, and didn’t know where he was. But he finished in a reasonable time, and he’s really happy with that.”