23 Dec

No Space On Reindeer Run (Either Real Or Virtual)

Reindeer Run medal

Contest Running Company, organisers of the upcoming Reindeer Run in Warrington, have confirmed that the event (both versions) is now sold out. The Christmas Eve 5K has a twist however as it won't just be those in the north of England taking part - or receiving medals for that matter.

In addition to the evening 5k set to take place in Birchwood, runners from across the world were invited to take part in their own virtual event. Participants will be required to prove they completed 5k on Christmas Eve by sending evidence of the distance from their GPS or running app.

Once the distance is verified, runners will receive a medal in the post by 28 December – a belated Christmas medal plus the bragging rights of having gone out on Xmas Eve.

For those who quite fancy the prospect of a scheduled festive run (and the added bonus of a medal) the Contest team has organised a virtual 5k from 26-31 December. Entry is priced at £6.50 with registration details at the Contest Sports website.