24 May

Relay Got Me

GB Relay

Over 2000 runners will attempt to set a Guinness world record this June by  taking part in the Great British Relay. The event will see participants running 7000 kilometres around mainland Britain, carrying a specially designed GPS baton recording the journey as they go, passing from hand to hand over 594 stages.

Runner, Cath Rooke, explained why she chose to join the relay: "I just thought it such a wonderful event to be a part of. What a great story to tell the grandkids - I was part of a team that ran all around Britain. There's not many that can tell that tale. I signed up for my stage so quickly I didn't even realise it was a Guinness World Record attempt until later."

All remaining stages are now free to enter. Those interested in running a stage, be it as a solo runner or as a team, to raise money for a charity of their choice or just for fun, can do so at the GB Relay website.