18 Feb

Return For Great Club Challenge

Birmingham Running, Athletics and Triathlon Club, The Great Run Club Challenge has returned for a second year to offer English athletes the chance to win prizes such as a trip to Ethiopia. Organised in partnership with England Athletics, the initiative takes place over six events: the Great Manchester Run on 18 May; Great North 10k on 13 July; Great North Run on 7 September; Great Yorkshire Run on 28 September; Great Birmingham Run on 19 October; and the Great South Run on 26 October.

To qualify, clubs must be affiliated with England Athletics and field at least seven male and seven female registered athletes. In 2013 a total of 4279 runners from 122 clubs took part. One of the prizes up for grabs is a trip to train and race in Ethiopia and will include a stay at the famous Yaya Village, located outside the city of Addis Ababa at an altitude of 2700m. The winning team will also enjoy a personal meeting with Haile Gebrselassie, before taking part in the Great Ethiopian Run with 37,000 other runners.

Last year’s winners were the Birmingham Running, Athletics and Triathlon Club, and club member Karl Welborn commented:  “We really appreciated the opportunity to experience such an amazing adventure that was so well orchestrated and delivered. The race was totally breathtaking, full of colour, music, smiles and fun.

Karl added: “I consider myself so lucky to have been involved and mostly I am proud to be a BRAT – we started this adventure together when we won and it was a proud moment to finish it together when we all crossed the finish line arms around each other in union.”

The winning clubs at each Great Run event will be based on the average finishing times of the fastest seven male and seven female runners. Those clubs will be placed into a draw for the Ethiopian trip.

For more information, plus details on the other prizes available, visit the Great Run website.


  1. Maurice Smith said...

    A pity Great Run stopped giving vets prizes in order to fund this competition. They must be one of the few race organisers not allocating small prizes to men and women in different age groups.