30 Nov

Run Geordie Run Discovers Magical Door

Mark Allison

After announcing last week that he'd be revealing big news, all eyes were on Mark Allison, aka Run Geordie Run's Twitter feed on Monday morning. The runner, who is currently in the middle of the 2,600-mile Benfield Australia Run, posted a bizarre series of tweets centring around a magical door.

He tweeted the following: "I can't open the door but I know that magic things happen behind it. I'm going to hang around the door for now to see what happens. It's time to believe in magical doors people. #believe. My heart is pounding in my chest. The #magicaldoor has this effect. I feel sick with anticipation."

It transpired that the magical door was in fact the arrivals gate in Adelaide Airport. Mark had driven there to meet Donna Houghton, his new running partner.

Donna explained: "Last week I broke the news to Mark that I would be travelling out early to join him and the team in Australia. As a team we agreed that one of the others would come and meet me so that Mark wouldn't drop any miles. Mark is too stubborn to be told what to do so after a 300 mile drive there he was waiting to surprise me!

"A 300 mile drive back the following day would mean that Mark had sacrificed at least a full day of running. The focus was back on to ensure that Bondi on Christmas Eve was still realistic, this would mean 39 miles per day until 23rd December to allow for a 20 mile day on 24th December."

Mark is now in Port Augusta on the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. He seemed in good spirits before he arrived, tweeting: "I always feel like John Rambo when I run into a new town. #portaugusta I am almost upon you."

For more tweets from Mark, you can visit his Twitter page. You can also stay up to date with his progress via his blog.