22 Jun

Second Summer Outing For run2work

run2workAfter the success of the opening event earlier this month, the run2work initiative is preparing for its second summer outing on Thursday 3 July. The initiative encourages UK residents to ditch their daily commute in favour of a run and aims to get 1 million more people active and running by 2020.

Such has been the draw of the campaign so far, run2work has received backing from retailers Sweatshop, who is offering a 15% discount on all footwear until 31 October 2014 to anyone who joins in the series of #run2workdays. A petition has also been launched to make the cost of running shoes and equipment for running to work tax-free.

To encourage participation, run2work’s website has a free route planner to show how long it will take people to run to any destination at a slow jog, medium or faster pace.

Having analysed more than 50,000 routes around London, one of the premises of the campaign is that running to work may be quicker than you think. The website also allows participants to explore and add routes around their area to increase its community reach.

For more information and to find your local movement before 3 July, visit the run2work website.