12 Jul

Runners Psyched For Kent Event

Kent coastal marathonThis year’s Fosters Law Kent Coastal Marathon and Half Marathon will have more than just cheering crowds to give participants encouragement. In an innovative move, organisers have teamed up with a ‘Psyching Team’ to provide psychological support for competitors.

The event is thought to be one of the first marathons in the UK to introduce sport psychology before, during and after the race. 
Dr Carla Meijen from the School of Sport & Exercise Sciences at the University of Kent said: “The Psyching Team is there to provide mental support to runners pre, during and post-race, to ensure they enjoy the race as much as they can. We will be offering practical tips on how runners can achieve mental strength and – as a symbolic gesture – handing out small pieces of finishing line ribbon for runners to reunite with the finish line when they complete the race.”  
Race director, Jon Holl, commented: “Every runner spends time preparing physically, fine tuning their nutrition and knows the psychological element of a race is equally important. Until now, only elite runners have been able to avail themselves of professional assistance in their mental preparation and performance.” 
The Psyching Team will don orange ‘Psyching Team’ T-shirts and will be standing at the more challenging points on the course to ensure competitors perform to their best abilities.

For more information, go to the event website