15 Jan

Runners Reach For Lucky Pants

Inverness HalfOver 11% of runners admit to wearing a pair of lucky pants on race day, according to a new survey by Inverness Half Marathon. The survey saw 1,500 runners from across the UK being asked about their superstitions.

The number one superstition was never entering a race wearing a new piece of kit. The second most common superstition was wearing a lucky T-shirt during the event, with the third most common one being not to wear the souvenir race T-shirt until after crossing the finish line.

Race director Malcolm Sutherland said: “We thought that perhaps running 13 miles on March 13 might be a step too far for some people, and wondered if we would have to entice people to enter by handing out four-leafed clovers along with the race numbers!

“What we have discovered over many years of event organisation is that runners are notoriously superstitious people. We thought that we had seen it all, but the survey turned up some superstitions that even we’d never heard of before, particularly the chap who always runs in gloves regardless of the weather.”

Across the UK, runners based in Scotland were found to be the least superstitious - 55% of Scots stated that they did not follow a pre-race ritual or superstition.

Entries for Inverness Half Marathon will close on 23 February. For more information visit the event website.