30 Oct

Running The Show

Jimmy Watkins

Rather than holding a traditional 'meet and greet' event to connect with fans, Future of the Left guitarist Jimmy Watkins is offering people the chance to go running with him on the band's upcoming tour. The former 800m runner is promising those who do so free entry to the band's shows.

Jimmy, originally from Treorcyh in Wales, tweeted: "I want to run in as many cities as possible on the UK tour. Any keen (or negative keen) joggers want to get involved for guest list?"

Though he warned potential running buddies that there'd be 'no promise of a shower afterwards'.

Watkins reached the World Indoor final in 2006 but quit running competitively in 2007 to concentrate on a career in music. Throughout his running career, he was known for his unorthodox approach to the sport. His antics included whooping loudly on the start line, putting his spikes in different rooms the night before a race 'so they'd be glad to see each other in the morning' and drawing a fake heart rate monitor on his body with a felt pen. "If it starts smudging with sweat, then I'm going too fast."

The first date of Future of the Left's tour is in Leeds on Friday (1 November). For more information on the band's tour dates visit Future of the Left's website. You can contact Jimmy via Twitter about accompanying him on a run.