25 Nov

Runtastic Launches Story Running App

Runtastic runner

Austrian running startup Runtastic has launched a series of audiobooks written with the specific aim of motivating people to run. The company recruited script writers and musicians to contribute to Story Running which features 40-minute stories with a narrative arc that allows for interval training.

The stories fall under different categories such as adventure and fantasy, and are accompanied by music with different beats per minute to encourage various running speeds. One story, In The Carrier of Truth, is narrated by rapper Masta Ace and features the protagonist (you) trying to escape from Alcatraz. Another story features voice artist Maj Ingemann Molden searching for a cure in woodlands in the more fantastical Journey of Iomluath. Each audiobook was created with professional actors and sound technicians and includes music timed to motivate runners. The stories begin slowly before becoming more exciting at the peak of the run, and wind down again towards the end, designed to match the activity curve of interval training.

The company's story consultant, Ines Haufer said: "We took something runners always do - listening to music or audio books when running and tailored them for the needs of runners. We made it really easy to connect with the story. If you identify with the story it makes it easy [to run]. You can use your natural sense of urgency. Someone is coming after you, you hear dogs barking. The story and the music are pushing you forward to run that extra mile."

The app is available for iOS, Android and Windos devices in both English and German. For more information visit the Runtastic website.