28 Nov

Saucony Launches Stride Lab App

Saucony Stride LabThe state-of-the-art Saucony Human Performance & Innovation Lab has opened its doors to the general public… figuratively speaking. iPhone users can now download the Saucony Stride Lab App, described as 'the first interactive tool that puts the power of a cutting-edge biomechanics lab in the palm of every runner’s hand'.

The app guides you through a multi-step personal evaluation, which includes your stance, mobility, stability and stride. The Stride Lab then interprets the data, prioritises the results and delivers to a customised and constantly-evolving plan of running-specific exercises and dynamic drills to optimise your running experience.

Spencer White, head of the Saucony Human performance & Innovation Lab, said: “With the launch of the Stride Lab app we’re throwing open the doors of the Saucony Human Performance & Innovation Lab, sharing decades of expertise and research in stride analysis and biomechanics to help runners perform and feel better. That information, in combination with Jay Dicharry’s world-renowned expertise in biomechanical analysis and sports athletic performance, has allowed us to create a personal running lab experience, customized for each individual runner and accessible from their mobile device at their convenience.”

The Saucony Stride Lab app is now available as a free download at iTunes. For more information, visit the Stride Lab website.