8 Nov

Save It For A Rainy Day

Running in the rain is not everyone's idea of a good time. Not even for some runners. Me? I've always quite enjoyed a slight cooling drizzle as I run. 

There's something strangely satisfying when steamy air billows from the body at the end of a rainy run.

My personal best at 10k was also achieved in pretty torrential conditions. But not everyone has a duck-like attitude to the wet stuff.

At this time of the year though, it is almost unavoidable for the committed runner. So, if are heading out in the rain, firstly well done. You are more than just a fair weather fitness fan. Secondly, here's some things you might want to think about...

Wearing a baseball cap is very handy for ensuring the rain doesn't impact your vision.

A simple waterproof can make a huge difference to avoiding being drenched. You don't need a hugely fancy branded one either, so no need to 'shell' out.

Ensure you wear socks and apparel that pulls moisture away from the skin. A cotton t-shirt can cause quite a nasty bit of chaffing in the wet

Unless you are an exhibitionist, avoid white or light colours. They can become see-through in the wet.

Quality shoes are crucial in the wet. Try to ensure your shoes are well meshed and breathable to reduce the risk of blisters.

Ok, dress modestly for your run in the rain, but quickly de-robe and get into something warm and dry as soon as you can post-run. You will very quickly cool down in wet clothes and don't want to risk catching a fever.

Image courtesy of Bryan Dale - at racephotos.org