13 May

Searching For Leeds Race Day Hero

Jenny Jackson

Jenny Jackson would like to thank the runner who came to her rescue at Sunday's Leeds half marathon. The 35 year old collapsed after just 6 miles of the race and was unconscious for a lengthy period.

Fortunately another runner stopped and look after Jenny until first aid assistance arrived. The first aid team took some time to revive Jenny before she received ambulance help. When she recovered consciousness, she was aware of the presence of another runner but it was only later that she found out that someone had interrupted their own run to help her.

Jenny Jackson, now feeling better after a few days rest, told northernrunningguide.com: "It was very hot and humid in the early stages of the race and I must have de-hydrated much more quickly than I expected. Also I had been feeling ill in the period up to the race but felt good on race day and decided I was ok to take part. However after 6 miles I was very thirsty and looking anxiously for the water station ahead - that's when the problems started.

"I'm very grateful to the person who came to my assistance. It was an act of real kindness and I'd like to thank the runner who helped personally."

If you are the person who interrupted their run at the Leeds half marathon on Sunday, May 8 to help Jenny Jackson (or you know who that person is), northernrunningguide.com would like to hear from you. We can put you in touch with a grateful lady who would like to thank you for your kindness.